Monday, October 12, 2015

Worship Round-Up (October 11, 2015)

a weekly review of Sunday worship to provide resource and further reflection from our Sunday service.


"Eyes on God"
Daniel 1
Pastor Josh Earhart
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In this week's service we wanted to highlight the reality of God's sovereignty. At this time in our church we are studying Ezra and the minor prophet Haggai together and it perfectly correlates with the new sermon series through Daniel. God has a plan. God has a mission. God will see that through and we can trust in his promises even when the times seem most dire. The songs we chose to sing all highlight this sovereignty by affirming our trust in Him. We sing that our "One Comfort" is knowing our salvation is complete on the cross. We affirm that he is Lord and creator of all in "God of Wonders". We affirm that we cannot rely on and trust in our name, possessions, and abilities here on earth in "My Worth is Not in What I Own". We ended by reaffirming the greatness of our God in "How Great Thou Art".


My One Comfort
by Dustin Kensrue
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God of Wonders
by Marc Byrd | Steve Hindalong
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My Worth is Not in What I Own
by  Graham Kendrick | Keith Getty | Kristyn Getty
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How Great Thou Art
by Stuart K. Hine

Austin Hilmer

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Austin serves on staff at Westchester as Associate Pastor of Corporate Worship

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