Thursday, July 2, 2015

Worship Coffeehouse Recap

After this event on Sunday I received overwhelming support and desire to do more coffeehouses in the future. Thank you for your support and participation!

I've been kicking myself that it took me almost 2 years in this position at Westchester before I thought that this would be a good idea. Whenever I hear new songs that I think would be good for worship at Westchester I keep a running list. The list of songs I want to do but haven't implemented on a Sunday grew long. Songs of praise and adoration make it into the service quicker than others because I try and have songs reflect the sermon as much as possible and many of the songs listed below are songs that have very specific context to them. The idea for this casual environment where we can sing songs and hear new songs came from the desire to have these songs sung but not force them into Sunday mornings.

I'd like to draw specific attention to the last 3 songs we sang. They have this perspective of anticipating the new heavens and new earth which we will experience when Jesus returns. I am excited to introduce these songs because when we keep in perspective the new heavens and earth that await us, we see in perspective how our current life and the world around us pales in comparison to what we eagerly anticipate to come.


Praise My Soul the King of Heaven
by Henry Francis Lyte | John Goss | Austin Hilmer

Almighty God
by David Leonard | Leslie Jordan | Sandra McCracken
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I Shall Not Want
by Audrey Assad | Bryan Brown
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Oh God
by Zach Bolen
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Seas of Crimson
by Bobby Strand | Brian Johnson | Daniel Bashta | Joel Taylor
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How Marvelous

by Charles Hutchinson Gabriel | Chris Tomlin
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Open Our Eyes
by Zac Hicks
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More Love to Thee O Christ
by Elizabeth Payson Prentiss | Austin Hilmer

We Will Feast in the House of Zion
by Sandra McCracken | Joshua Moore
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Until That Day Comes

by Brandon Collins | Crystal Yates | Magen Thurman | Sean Carter
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On Jordan's Stormy Banks
by Christopher Miner | Samuel Stennett
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Austin Hilmer

About the Author:
Austin serves on staff at Westchester as Associate Pastor of Corporate Worship

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